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• 6/29/2015

The chronopolis and dinopolis clash event

Hi guys, I'm new to the wiki and noted that both chrono compendium and many sites write that chronopolis and dinopolis were sent to 12000 B.C. But according to the game, they were sent and battled on 7000 B.C. I have edited the time devourer and the Timeline of Chrono Cross pages, but this correction would lead to a major one in all the other pages. Please, clarify me: am I tripping or it was really on 12000 B.C.? While this, I'll search for proof.
Thanks dudes!
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• 4/26/2015

Sparing Magus yet Curing Frog

In my game (the DS port of Chrono Trigger) I spared Magus, and yet in the ending, not only was Frog cured and turned human in the animated sequence, but Magus also appeared in the ending montage as the Epoch flew by him. Is that supposed to happen? I was told that sparing Magus meant Frog wouldn't be turned human at the end, and that if Frog was turned human, Magus wouldn't appear in the ending montage. As I understand it, they're supposed to be mutually exclusive endings, and yet I got them both. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm trying to find corroboration on the Internet that this ending is supposed to exist, and so far I have not been able to do so. Did anyone else get this ending, and if so, do you know what in-game actions bring it about?
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• 1/6/2015

Accents in CC

I like Chrono Cross with its accent systems, but, thinking logicaly, in their world, how come they use, for example, french words?  In CT 1000 AD nobody talked like that (iirc). That bothers me a little.
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• 7/20/2014

Abandoned wiki?

It's a shame to see the Chrono Wiki in such bad shape, someone should really adopt it.
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• 7/2/2014


What do you guys think Dario's element would be before and after his time with the Masamune. I have it in my mind that he was either Red or White, leaning more on white, until he held the masamune and that cast a constant turn spell to him.
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• 3/6/2014


Hi guys.Well I seen a empty sub-category called “Crimson Echoes Years".I put some links there,but it stills empty.How do I put articles on a sub-category?
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• 2/27/2014

Melchior existing in two times.

I may be stupid - it's extremely likely - but in the original timeline, Melchior is sent to the present by Lavos. But then when the party returns to Antiquity, he is sealed on the Mountain of Woe. Then when you return to the present, he is there.
How is this possible?
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• 4/23/2016

Pink Nu

I haven't had a chance to max out my characters in the DS version yet, and I was just curious if he will appear in the DS version? Does anyone know, rather, has anyone attempted?
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• 11/13/2013


A demi human treant. Must be pretty rare
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• 11/1/2013


He´s a fagot
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• 10/24/2013

DS Changes - Technical Points

Why doesn't the DS version show you how many points you need to learn Techs?
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