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Xavier Ashtear
Xavier Ashtear
Designer(s) Chains of Fate, Lena Andreia
Occupation Student/Painter
Age 18
Origin Truce Dome (Kingdom Year 1999)
Element Sky (Holy; White)
Weapon Dual blades
Laterality Ambidextrous

Xavier Ashtear is the protagonist of Chrono Crisis.

Description Edit

"Xavier is fairly laid back most of the time. While he takes his hobbies seriously, he always finds time to joke around or just hang out. He also loves to eat (he has almost a bottomless appetite). While he's generally cheerful when he's awake, Xavier seems to be a different matter while sleeping. He often tosses and turns, and seems to be deeply troubled by nightmares. His lack of sleep makes him notoriously hard to wake up, and often this makes him late for school. Though his friends and family have often suggested he use an Enertron to make up for his missed sleep, Xavier refuses. He's also often in trouble at school and is well known for being sarcastic and rather disrespectful to the deans there (excluding his mother).
While he lacks his mother's mechanical prowess, he is an incredibly capable painter, and hopes to someday be able to paint professionally. Because of his refusal to use digital or "holo" art, Xavier has alienated himself from a large portion of the buyer's market when it comes to his paintings.
Xavier's abilities are all grouped around offensive attacks. His dual-sword style sacrifices a bit in the defense department, but Xavier is more concerned on hitting the enemy as many times as possible in as hard as he can. As such, many of his techs are focused on multiple heavy attacks. He meshes well with most of his companions, giving him access to an abundance of dual and triple techs."

He has a strange resemblance to Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy series.

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