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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

A Prehistoric Stone is a mini-quest for the chapter The Fated Hour.


The players (Crono, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Robo, Ayla, and/or Magus) are still getting more XP, and better weapons to fight Lavos. Fly the Epoch to the Future, and look for the Sun Temple, which used to be at Zeal until it got destroyed. The Sun Temple however didn't get destroyed, it borrowed deep into the Earth, holding the Sun Stone, a former power source of Zeal.

Note: This is really a Lucca mission, but you don't have to have her until later.

Tip: Be sure to have either Red Plate, Red Vest, Ruby Armor, or Ruby Vest before entering the Sun Temple.

Get inside the Sun Temple, and before you get the Stone, have a little battle with its guardian: The Son of the Sun. To kill it, you have to damage one of the flames around it, but the right flame, damaging the wrong flame will have it simply execute a counter-attack. If you damage the right flame, then a positive chime will ring and the guardian will be successfully damaged for a good amount. DON'T HIT THE GUARDIAN, JUST ITS FLAMES! Sometimes, it'll do a roulette spin, so it'll be harder to find the right one.

Tip: Magus' Black Hole Tech can make 2-3 flames disappear, which will be easier.

Once the guardian is dead, chase it through the temple, and it'll disappear, and a Moon Stone will appear. The stone lost all of its light. Take the Epoch to Prehistory, and put the Moon Stone inside of the Sun Shrine under the light. Let it stay for the next thousands of years. In Antiquity, the Stone is still there. In Middle Ages, the stone is still there, but there's a Strength Capsule. In the Present, the Stone is gone! Fly the Epoch to the Porre Mayor's house, it's there. The Mayor will say however, "Moon Stone? Never heard of it". Time to make the Mayor generous! How? Go to the Snail Stop, and pick up a Spiced Jerky. Now, take the Epoch to the Middle Ages, and give it to the lady inside the Elder's House, for free. She'll know how much sharing means, and will teach her kids about it. Now, go back to the Present, and see that the Mayor is generous now, but maybe a little too generous. He'll give the players the Moon Stone, and then you should take it back to the Sun Shrine. Now, off to the Future! The Stone in the Future is still there, and is shining bright! Have Lucca in the party, and she'll take the Sun Stone to her house, and use the power source to make her ultimate weapon: the Wondershot. Back at her house, she is using some type of machine to create the weapon. Once she is done, Taban will appear, and will say he used some of the Stone's power to make Sunglasses. Mission complete!

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