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Alabaster Shade
Alabaster Shade
HP Defense Magic Defense
16000 150 67
5000 1 0
Weak Absorbs Immune
Shadow, Fire None Ice / Water
Location Dimensional Vortex
Treasure None
Charm Haste Helm
Techs Barrage (crossbow shoot)
Icefall (Ice II)
Recuperate / Restores HP (Cure)
Counters Barrage (crossbow shoot)
Icefall (Ice II)
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Alabaster Shade is a boss that appears in the Dimensional Vortex.

Alabaster Shade is a Shade version of Marle. Despite the fact that her techs have different names, the effect is the same.

It is highly recommended to wear the Blue Vest and Blue Plate against Water elemental attacks in this battle. While Marle in general is not known to dish out a lot of damage, Alabaster's speed heavily makes up for it due to wearing the Haste Helm (Ayla can charm this item). Surprisingly, her bow does a decent amount of damage, and having that added speed is terrifying if she spams that move more than Icefall (Ice 2).

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