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Angel's Tiara is a helmet found in Chrono Trigger (DS). It provides haste and status immunity to any female wearer.


It is found in the Antiquity Dimensional Vortex, in the Strath chamber. This section has a chance of appearing each time the party visits the Dimensional Vortex in Antiquity. It has the same plants and background music as Mystic Mountains and Dactyl Nest, but it was not directly copied from either location. On the east will be a hidden path to the chest, the path is obscured by leaves from a plant.

It is also obtained as a reward for winning a Rank/Level 6 battle in Arena of the Ages.


It has 36 defense, grants Auto-Haste and Status Immunity when equipped, but can only be equipped by female characters.

Due to the beneficial effects of this female helmet, the player can choose any armor and accessories they want, and create different combinations that can prove useful in combat. An example of this is combining the Angel's Tiara with the Regal Gown, which can grant Auto-Protect and Auto-Barrier, and the Prism Spectacles, which can increase overall damage by 50%. With this combination, the user will have multiple effects in battle. It will also make the player able to extend the use of this helmet.

It is more useful than Haste Helm, due to it having more defense, granting more beneficial effects for combat, and allowing for a lot of combinations with other pieces of gear available in the game.


  • It's the only bonus equipment of the game that is possible to obtain from the Arena of the Ages.

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