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Antidote Element.png
Type Consumable
Color Green
Allocation Level 2±0
Target One Ally
User Any
Description Heals Poison and green status effects

Antidote is a 2nd-level Green Element and consumable item in Chrono Cross. Nullifying Poison and other green Status Effects, Antidote can be purchased in Guldove and Marbule from the Demi-human merchants there. Lisa in Another World's Termina also stocks the item. In both Home and Another World, the merchant in Arni sells Antidote. At all locations, the price for one dose is 15 G each.

A character can equip Antidote only to the 2nd level Element Grid spot, but it can be allocated multiple times, at the limit of 5 Antidote per slot. Because of this, Antidote can be used multiple times through a battle, unlike other Elements, which are limited to one use, excluding Riddel's use of SnakeFangs. If additional unequipped Antidotes reside in reserve, they will restock after each battle in which they are used. Antidote can be consumed outside of battle to cure Status Effect as well.


Using Antidote, in battle, causes a giant green orb to hover above the caster, after which, a pool of green light rises around the target's feet in a swirl of green sparkles.

Name Origin[]

Antidote is a remedy counteracting the effects of a Poison. All consumable Elements have names that are synonymous with the word medicine or with specific medical treatments for those real-life status ailments.