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Antipode Bomb
Antipode Lucca+Marle.jpg
SNES/PS Name Antipode
MP Costs 2/2
Element Type Shadow
Marle Reqs Ice
Lucca Reqs Fire
Target Circle of enemies
Description Hit enemies in a circle with Fire and Ice.

Antipode Bomb (also known as Antipode in the SNES/PS version) is a Tech used by Marle and Lucca in Chrono Trigger. It can be used after Marle and Lucca meet Spekkio and obtain magical powers, then fight together in the same battle. This tech is the base form of Antipode Bomb II and Antipode Bomb III, its predecessors.


Marle freezes the enemy in a large block of ice, and Lucca destroys the ice with an explosion centered on the enemy.

Name Etymology[]

The word antipode, in English, means opposites. Conversely, Lucca's Element Fire and Marle's Element Ice are opposites, so the name fits. Additionally, Lucca performs several Techs that involve explosive bombs, such as Megaton Bomb and Napalm, so the inclusion of that word in the name may allude to this motif in her Tech library.