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Antipode Bomb III (also known as Antipode 3 in the SNES/PS version) is a Tech used by Marle and Lucca in Chrono Trigger. To perform, Marle must know Ice II and Lucca must know Flare. Any time after learning Magic from Spekkio at the End of Time, Marle and Lucca can increase their Tech Points and eventually learn this tech. This is the stronger version of Antipode Bomb and Antipode Bomb II.


The screen turns a deep, crimson-red. Several explosives occur, as the result of Lucca's Flare tech. While the orange orbs are exploding, the enemies struck by the tech flash blue, indicating that Marle has frozen them.


Due to Flare's high MP cost, it is recommended to equip Lucca with the Golden Stud, which greatly decrease her MP cost. This allows the player to save Ethers and use this tech multiple times.

If the player want to increase the power of this tech, just only have to equip the Prism Spectacles for Lucca and Marle, along with the Reptite Tiara, and Reptite Dress, both of which increase the Magic of both in 15 points temporarily. However, this will make Lucca and Marle vulnerable to all negative statuses, so it is recommended equip both characters with the Prismatic Helm and/or Angel's Tiara instead of the Reptite Tiara.

Name Etymology[]

The word antipode, in English, means opposites. Lucca's Element Fire and Marle's Element Ice are opposites, so the name fits. Additionally, Lucca performs several Techs that involve explosive bombs, such as Megaton Bomb and Napalm, so the inclusion of that word in the name may allude to this motif in her Tech library. The Roman Numeral for 3 simply implies that this tech is the third of its variety.


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