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Learned By Marle
SNES/PS Name Life 2
MP Cost 15
Element Type None
TP Req'd 900
Target One Ally
Description Revive and fully heal an ally.
Triple Techs Lifeline, Master Mune

Arise (also known as Life 2 in the SNES/PS version) is Marle's 8th-level Tech and the ultimate healing magic in Chrono Trigger.


The spell is incredibly useful, since it revives a knocked-out character and fully restores their Hit Points as well.


As Marle spins and white sparkles circle around her, she closes her eyes and a strong beige light shines upon the knocked-out character. Three small, blond angels descend the pillar of light and flutter into the character, which is then revived and fully healed.


  • The reason that Arise is known as Life 2 in the SNES/PS versions of the game is because Crono's Raise spell is known as Life, of which Arise appears to be a stronger form of.
  • Having the action menu changed to the top of the screen (by pressing Y) causes small graphical anomalies with this Tech.