Athenian Water
Japanese Name アテナのみず
Equipment Type Consumable
Description Medicine that restores life to the fallen.
Effect Revives a fallen ally and restores 50 HP.
Price Varies
Won From Gnasher
Charmable Fiends Cave Bat

The Athenian Water (also known as Revive in the SNES/PS version) is a consumable item in Chrono Trigger. It revives a knocked-out party member and restores their Hit Points by 50. Athenian Water appears as a vial of liquid, capped with Angel, a symbol of redemption and rejuvenation in many religious cultures.



Athens, a Greek city, was renowned for its water technology. This allowed an abundance of bathhouses to emerge and many other sanitary uses of water emerged as well. Athenian Water likely references the rejuvenation and sanitation qualities of this technology.