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Karsh axiomatic.png
Karsh uses Axiomatic.
Type Physical
Color Green
Allocation Level 7±7
Target One Opponent
User Karsh
Description Spin axe around to build up power for final blow.

Axiomatic is Karsh's seventh-level Green tech in Chrono Cross. With Karsh present, defeat the Shaker Brothers at the Isle of the Damned to learn this tech.


Darting toward the target, Karsh lands a quick blow in a shudder of green light. Now behind the target, he whips his Axe around again for another blow, before jumping to the target's front-side. Spinning on his toes, he delivers three more attacks from the axe blade and sweeps under the target's belly for a final blow. Each blow culminates in a burst of green-colored energy, the final blow having the largest flare. Altogether, Karsh strikes the target six times.

Name Origin[]

Axiomatic comes from the word 'Axiom' a principle or saying. Axiomatic is a word used to describe something self-evidently true, it's use is obviously a pun on Karsh's preferred weapon, an Axe.