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NeoFio casts BamBamBam
Type Tech
Color Green
Allocation Level 7±0
Target One enemy
User NeoFio
Description Gather roots into one limb to slam foe down.


BamBamBam is a tech in Chrono Cross. To acquire the level 7 tech, NeoFio must visit the Sky Dragon Isle in Home World. Speak to the octupus chasing the butterfly, leave the area, then return and talk to it again. The butterfly has been caught and aks for your help. Choose to help the butterfly and the octopus will spit it out. Many butterfly will then fly around NeoFio and give her the BamBamBam tech.


When cast, NeoFio leaps into the air and wraps its tendrils around the enemy. NeoFio then slams the enemy into the ground repeatedly, causing significant damage.