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BatEye Element.png
Serge casts BatEye on a Daffy Dwarf.
Type Magic
Color Green
Allocation Level 4±4
Target Single Opponent
User Any
Description Temporarily decreases enemy's attack Hit%

BatEye is a 4th-level Green Element in Chrono Cross. BatEye, and several other strong elements, Traps, Buffs and Debuffs are purchasable from the Demi-human merchant in Guldove and the Demi-humans on Marbule. Specifically, BatEye reduces a single opponent's Hit % rate to its maximum low, regardless of level allocation. Because of this, it is wasteful to set BatEye and other Buff/Debuff Elements any higher than the level 1 allocation spot. Although this will depict the Element as being -3, no quality difference is depicted; the character with BatEye cast on them will still receive the lowest possible hit rate for several turns.


Similar in animation to EagleEye, an iridescent eye shape encompasses the target, with several branching lights of greens and pinks stemming from the center or pupil. Twin eyes in a green-color emerge on either side of the enemy, radiating light in a hexagonal pattern.

Name Origin[]

Blind by nature, bats rely on echolocation to see. Because of their innate vision impairment, they would be less apt to strike a target accurately.