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Japanese Name Bell (ベル Beru?)
HP Defense Magic Defense
94 127 50
27 2 100
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None None
Location Denadoro Mountains (Middle Ages)
Treasure Panacea
Charm None
Techs None
Counters Ding-a-ling / Confuse
Combo Counters None
Combos None

The Bellbird is an enemy that appears in the Denadoro Mountains in the Middle Ages. They are small birds. They sport blue feathers throughout their body, although they have pink feathers on their wings and red feathers atop their head and below their beak. They are always carrying a yellow bell with their feet, which they ring to warn other monsters of the player's presence. They share heavy similarities with Blue Eaglet, Golden Eaglet, Red Eaglet, Bomber Bird and Gilded Bellbird, although sometimes coloring may differ.

Battle and Strategy[]

They don't have any in-battle attacks, they just fly around the screen and eventually hover above the player. They have very low HP so even a low-Level character can beat them in one hit.


It's literally a bird with a bell, carried by their feet.


  • Although they can ring their bells to wake up sleeping monsters such as Ogan or warn Freelancer of the player's presence, they do not have any in-battle attacks. When a Bellbird survives an attack by a player, it may counter by ringing its bell to Confuse the player.