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The Black Dragon is a boss appearing in Chrono Cross. He currently resides at Marbule in Another World. It often causes darkness among your party, so BlackOuts and Panaceas are recommended. Repeated use of White Elements often results in the dragon casting AntiWhite. Fargo is capable of stealing the rare Black Plate armor from the Dragon, which absorbs all Black Elements cast against the wearer. Defeating the Dragon gives you the summon GrimReaper and the Black Relic, one of the six Dragon Relics needed to enter the Dead Sea.

It is also possible to obtain the Black Relic without fighting the Black Dragon at all. If the player approaches it in Another World's Marbule, the dragon is sleeping. Go up to it and press X and the player will simply obtain the Black Relic. To fight him, the Dragon must first be woken up by cleansing Home World Marbule as part of a lengthy sequence involving the Magical Dreamers. As the six Dragons were gathered during the FMV cutscene, Black Dragon is the last and final dragon along with Water Dragon, Earth Dragon, and Fire Dragon to be fused with both Green Dragon and Sky Dragon into the Dragon God.

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