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The Black Omen (黒の夢 "Kuro no Yume"?, lit."Black Dream") was once the Ocean Palace that was destroyed by Lavos. In the alternate timeline, it was later transformed into a flying temple infused with the near-infinite power of Lavos by using the Mammon Machine. The Black Omen would serve as the final dungeon in the game — although entering it is actually optional, as the player can choose to fight Lavos without entering the Black Omen — where the party has to go through and defeat the evil Queen Zeal before proceeding to face Lavos in all its forms.


With the immortality bestowed upon her Majesty by the Mammon Machine and its connection to the Time Gates, Queen Zeal is prepared to wait out the millennia until Lavos awakens and rains its havoc upon the world. Until the party enters this vast dungeon and defeats Queen Zeal, it will appear at all points in time (save for Prehistory). People will actually not pay it any mind, since it has been floating in the sky for thousands of years, except for an Imp worshipping it in Medina's park.

The player may escape through the Time Gate inside Lavos after Lavos' shell is confronted by the Black Omen. This will cause Gaspar to have a new line of dialogue (after his mentions of the game's side-quests):

"One of you is close to someone who needs help... find this!"
— Gaspar before the defeat of Queen Zeal.

This line can be attributed to a rushed translation; it does not exist in the Japanese version. The more accurate DS version's scripting replaces this line with:

"Speak to your companions. Some of you may well know the figures behind the events which I have seen. Borrow the might of all these lives throughout the ages. Let their strength become your own! For only then can you hope to defeat the enemy you face."
— Gaspar before the defeat of Queen Zeal.
"Know this! The Mighty Lavos reigns here! Relax poor creatures... The Mighty Lavos has already consumed this world's life energy!"
— Queen Zeal mocks the party visiting the Black Omen in 2300 A.D.


The Black Omen will rise after you board the newly flight-enabled Epoch, but only after you speak with Magus on a cliff; the outcome of either beating him or him joining your party does not matter.

The Black Omen can only be reached by the flight-enabled Epoch. It can be entered in 12000 BC., 600 AD., or 1000 A.D., enabling the player to explore it thrice, if they so desire. Should the party try to enter it in 2300 AD., Queen Zeal will be at the entrance saying that you are too late and find the doors completely locked shut. Since it did not yet exist in the year 65,000,000 BC, it cannot be entered from there.

If the player wants to beat it multiple times, they must do it back through time (i.e.: Present, then Middle Ages, then Antiquity). Destroying it at an earlier time will erase the existence of the Omen from any future time periods.

Due to its unique distortion with time, several events that happen in the final dungeon - with the exception of the final battle with Zeal on top of the Black Omen - will only happen once, no matter the timeline. Treasures are collected only once. Boss spots, Panels, and Ghaj are limited to just one battle, so having Ayla be present to Charm very rare items (like Magic Capsules) from them is highly recommended. The Laser Guard defeated in the year 2300 AD at the outside entrance also counts and will not appear in other timelines. The only tie-in that is not linked is the final battle with Queen Zeal, where you can charm up to six of the rare and powerful Prism items (three Prism Helms and three Dresses).

Also unique in this area are the regular enemies here resembling bosses you have fought.

Once you defeat Queen Zeal, she proceeds to summon Lavos, destroying the Black Omen in the process and transporting the party to a gate-like dimension to initiate the final fight with the alien parasite. If you went to year 1999 AD and defeated Lavos' first phase beforehand, you do not need to go through the sequence of fighting it again as this version of Lavos is not the same as the one in the Ocean Palace.


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