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Capsule Element.png
NeoFio uses Capsule on itself.
Type Consumable
Color Yellow
Allocation Level 3±0
Target One Ally
User Any
Description Restores HP (Medium)

Capsule is a 3rd-level Yellow Element and consumable item in Chrono Cross. When cast, a flare of yellow light surrounds the target, restoring a moderate portion of their Hit Points.

How to Obtain[]


Capsules are quite common to come by. Several merchants sell them, including the Demi-human in Guldove and Lisa in Termina. They sell for 25 G apiece.


Rarely, Capsules can be stolen from Bubba Dingos, Mamma Dingo, Acacia PVT, Bulbs. Commonly, they are stolen from Wraiths and Cuscus.


No enemies drop this item.


Chests in Shadow Forest, Mount Pyre, Guldove, Dead Sea, Earth Dragon Isle, and Fort Dragonia contain free Capsules.

Name Origin[]

"Capsule" is a type of oral lozenge prescribed by physicians to help cure ailments. Since this element cures HP, the name fits well.