Cats are recurring characters in Chrono Trigger. Crono confronts them as household pets, traps, distractions, and antagonists. Often, these cats are unlike any cat in the real world. They appear as tiny, furry animals in an array of colors. Despite their variations, each one has a white triangle on its chest. Cats only appear between Antiquity and the Future. Likely, these felines evolved from larger cats found in Prehistory.


  • Leene Square - Present: A little girl has lost her cat. Crono can return it to her; if he does, she will be one of the witnesses for Crono during the Trial.
  • Giant's Claw - Middle Ages: A cat falls from the ceiling when the floor opens.
  • Village Commons - Antiquity: Alfador can be found following a small child. If Magus is in the party, Alfador will follow him around instead.


  • In the main ending of Chrono Trigger, Crono's cat jumps into a time portal. Because of that, fans speculate that the cats are seen in Ozzie's Fort, Giant's Claw and the Abandoned Sewers may be Crono's cat.
  • The player can acquire up to eleven cats that reside in Crono's house.
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