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The Chancellor is a confidant of the royal family in Chrono Trigger. There are two Chancellors in the game, one in the Middle Ages and one in the Present.


Chancellor of the Middle Ages[]

Chancellor1 (Front)
"Whew! My thanks. That monster stuffed me in there like a sack of coin"
— Chancellor of Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, the Chancellor is the right-hand man to King Guardia XXI. However, one day Yakra captured the Chancellor and Queen Leene and kept them hidden in the Manolia Cathedral. Yakra then went to Guardia Castle and posed as the real Chancellor. When Crono travels to the Middle Ages for the first time, he and Lucca decide to save the real Queen Leene to save Marle's life, who had suddenly disappeared in front of them.

Eventually, Crono, Lucca, and Frog find the Chancellor inside the cathedral, where he reveals that he is really Yakra. The three defeat him and free the real Chancellor and Queen Leene. When they head back to the castle, the Chancellor suggests that King institute a stricter criminal justice system to ensure fiends such as Yakra never threaten the royal family's safety again.

When Crono and other two party members return to the castle later on, like everyone else, the Chancellor tells them that the Hero has appeared, he met the King and shortly left.

The Chancellor also appears in Frog's flashback, remembering Cyrus, although he doesn't talk at all.

Once the war is over when the party returns to the castle, the Chancellor says everyone around the ages will remember the name Crono, after he helped Frog defeat Magus.

Chancellor of the Present[]

The Chancellor from the Present
"Oh, thank goodness! That beast locked me up in there, and I've been trapped ever since!"
— Chancellor of Present

In the Present, the Chancellor is the right-hand man to King Guardia XXXIII. One day, the Chancellor was captured by Yakra XIII, and he took the Chancellor's place. Shortly after, the new "Chancellor" secretly hired Fiends as Royal Guards for the Prison Towers. Then shortly after that, the Chancellor constructed the Dragon Tank. When Crono and Marle return to the present-day Guardia Castle after saving the Chancellor from the Middle Ages, the Chancellor believes Crono had kidnapped Marle and puts him on trial in the castle's courtroom. The Chancellor serves as prosecutor, while Pierre represents the defense. Crono is charged with the abduction of Princess Nadia. People are brought in from Leene Square who interacted with Crono and Marle as well as people hired by the Chancellor to falsely testify against Crono. Eventually, Crono is guilty or not guilty depending on what he did at the fair, though if he is found not guilty he is sentenced three days of solitary confinement as punishment for aiding Marle in her flight from the castle. Despite the verdict, the Chancellor imprisons Crono and arranges his execution.

When Crono escapes his imprisonment, the Chancellor sends the Dragon Tank to kill Crono, though he and Lucca defeat it. As Crono, Lucca, and Marle escape the castle, they head into Guardia Forest with the Chancellor chasing after them about to execute Crono. When they are cornered, Lucca uses the Gate Key on a Gate, where they are then transported to another time period, leaving the Chancellor confused at what happened to them.

Later, when Marle enters the castle, the Chancellor tells her that her mother, Queen Aliza, had been in frail condition for some time, though it took a sudden turn for the worse near the end. She desperately wanted to see King Guardia XXXIII one last time, but he refused, saying that he could not leave his work unattended. The Chancellor then said that one might say the King killed Queen Aliza, which shocks Marle.

Eventually, the King is put on trial. The Chancellor is prosecuting the king for selling the royal heirloom, the Rainbow Shell, out of greed. Marle enters the courtroom, and the King tells her that he is being framed by the Chancellor. The Chancellor asks for proof, saying that if the king has not sold the heirloom, then it should be somewhere in the castle. Shortly after, Marle is kicked out of the courtroom. Marle and two others of the party then decide to search the castle for the Rainbow Shell. Meanwhile, the King's trial continues, and as he did at the beginning of the game, the Chancellor brings forward people to falsely testify against the king. The party finds the Rainbow Shell in the castle and break into the courtroom.

The Chancellor says that they are too late as the king has been found guilty. However, she reveals a shard of the Rainbow Shell, at which the Chancellor reveals he is really Yakra XIII. The party than fight and defeat Yakra. When he is defeated, he drops a key. Marle then learns the truth about what happened, that the King really did hear the Queen's last words, and the two make up.

The party then picks up the key left behind by Yakra XIII and free the real Chancellor from a chest in the castle, who runs off to prepare for the Moonlight Parade.

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