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Choras in the Present
Time Period 600 AD

1000 AD

Notable Inhabitants Toma


Choras is a location in Chrono Trigger. It appears as a small village in Present (1000 A.D.) and the Middle Ages (600 A.D.). Epoch is needed to reach it.


On an island East of the West Continent, Choras sits -- a quiet town with few inhabitants. Toma, the treasure-hunter and explorer, can be found here during the Middle Ages as part of The Rainbow Shell sidequest. In the Present, his final resting place is Northwest of Choras, and Northwest of that location rests the Giant's Claw. In the Middle Ages, the players travel here to speak with Toma about the Rainbow Shell and are also able to visit the Northern Ruins, which are damaged seemingly beyond repair. Speaking to the carpenter in the Cafe of Choras triggers an event where he has misplaced his tools. Crono travels forward in time to retrieve Carpenter Tools from the wife of an alleged descendant of the Carpenter. Returning these tools to the Middle Ages allows the ruins to be repaired and their secret rooms become accessible.

In both eras, an apothecary sells minor healing items.