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Chrono Cross
Item Type Key Item
Description The ultimate, long-lost Element of the seventh color attribute.

Chrono Cross is an item in Chrono Cross. Having the game's namesake, it was created by the use of the Tears of Hate and Love respectively. The Tear of Hate is obtained in Another World's Fort Dragonia after Lynx switches bodies with Serge, and the Tear of Love is obtained in Home World's Fort Dragonia once Serge regains his true form. At Steena's guidance, if the player brings both Tears to the altar behind the waterfall by Fossil Valley in

Homeworld, they will react and create an Element that doesn't adhere to any of the Innate Color Attributes: the Chrono Cross. The Chrono Cross is required to get the "good" ending, wherein Schala survives the death of Lavos, but is otherwise optional.

It can be used to retrieve all one's former characters back on a New Game +. To do this, acquire the Chrono Cross, and then travel to the Temporal Vortex by way of the Hydra Marshes (Home World). The Chrono Cross will react strangely in Sprigg's house and add all the former playthrough characters to the roster. This can be done to get Harle back, provided the last playthrough was completed while she was in the party and Serge was still in Lynx's form.

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