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Main Menu screen of the Character Library

Chrono Trigger: Character Library was a special addition to Chrono Trigger released on the Satellaview in 1995.


In its original version, it consists of multiple entries of reduced information about playable characters and enemies from the original game, albeit omitting some bosses. The player can explore two lists, one for "characters" and one for "monsters".

The "characters" list only includes the seven playable characters, while the enemy list covers most common enemies and bosses (available in the SNES version), leaving out only those whose sprites can take up a lot of screen space. In total, the entire Character Library has 155 entries, and the order of both lists seems to be based on the order in which the characters/enemies appear in the game.

In the case of enemies, each entry shows up to three information sections. The first is the name of the enemy, the second is its location, and the third is some apparently relevant information about it, not always related to in-game combat. In the left area of the screen the sprite of the enemy/character in question will always be visible. The player can select it and change it to other poses.

As a third option in the main menu of this installment, the player can find a section that explains how to navigate through this library, also indicating the possibility of visualizing all the sprite variants of each available character/enemy.

Newer releases[]

In the PlayStation release of Chrono Trigger, two similar sections were added to the "Extras" menu that can be unlocked at the end of the game: "Enemies" and "Bosses". This was later reused in the DS version under the "Bestiary" title.

In contrast to these additions, the Character Library doesn't always focus on combat aspects of enemies, as it's evident that in many cases it just shows fun facts about them and not their stats or weaknesses like the more recent bestiaries.

List of entries[]

"Character" list[]

  1. Crono
  2. Marle
  3. Lucca
  4. Robo
  5. Frog
  6. Ayla
  7. Magus

"Monster" list[]


  • Even if it's considered a minor character and is never seen in an actual battle, the Frog King appears as the last entry in the Character Library.


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