Here we will conduct various polls throughout the Chrono Wiki. It's currently a very small project to keep the users something to participate in.

See Also

  • {{Poll}} - This is the template page for the poll that is currently displayed in the main page. It will most likely appear as 0 votes for everything. For some reason, wikia poll does not real-time updates. But nevertheless the main poll is displayed in the main page with the current standings.
  • Archive page - This is an archieve page for the all the polls that were displayed in the main page and the tally results of the poll. Please don't edit anything on there, until you are added a old finished poll onto it. It is just a reference page.
  • Suggestion Page This is a suggestion page of future poll you'll like to see what the Chrono Fans will vote for. Please refer to the archive page to make sure the poll was never used before.

Current Poll
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