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The Criosphinx, also known as Ginger X, is a boss in Chrono Cross. It is a mysterious, intelligent, and incredibly powerful entity which roosts in the Earth Dragon Isle of Another World. It can be faced after activating the sand boil on Earth Dragon Isle in the Home World. Its origins are unknown, it harbors antagonism towards mankind for its destruction of the planet (comparable to the Dwarves). It can be defeated through brain or brawn; it cautions against those who use the latter exclusively.

To answer the riddles of the Criosphinx, use an Element corresponding to the color he describes. He can easily be defeated if Yellow Plates are equipped to characters.


Based on the Sphinx of Giza, which, in legends, guards the gates to the city and asks a famous riddle: "What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night" to which the answer is "mankind". It tears to shreds those who cannot answer. Oedipus correctly answers the question, prompting the Sphinx to kill itself. In Egyptian mythology, the w|Criosphinx is simply a ram-headed Sphinx (classic Sphinxes, such as the one at Giza, are human-headed). Criosphinxes are associated with the Egyptian god, Amun, and are most famously depicted in the row of sphinx statues guarding the route between Luxor Temple and Karnak. The Crio- in Criosphinx comes from the Greek word "Krios" which means Ram.

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