Crono's Mother
Crono's Mother
Official artwork of Crono's Mother by Akira Toriyama.
Home Time Present
Home Area Truce
Age Unknown
Family Crono (son)
Marle (daughter in-law)
Unknown Husband
"Good morning, Crono!"
— Crono's Mother to Crono

Crono's mother is the mother of Crono. Her name is never mentioned in the game, although it is given as Gina (ジナ Jina?) in the Japanese version.


Crono's Mother
Crono's Mother lives in Crono's House in Truce along with their cat. She does not play a large role in Chrono Trigger, though she will briefly talk to new members of Crono's party. Oddly enough, no bedroom exists for her in Crono's House; nor is a husband or lover ever mentioned, though obviously one did exist.

Though she is not given many traits, Crono's Mother is described as "strong" by Ayla, after she forcefully upbraids Ayla on her provocative clothing. All of the party characters can be introduced to Crono's Mother, whereupon she will have a short dialogue with them. Among these interactions is her mistaking Frog for a house pet, and complimenting Robo on his good manners.

A few of the endings have a common thread featuring Crono's Mother. She chases after his cat who ran away from home. Right after their friends have said their goodbyes and left for their own time eras, Crono's Mother runs into the Time Gate in Leene Square, leading to Crono, Lucca, and Marle having to pursue her through time.

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