Cursed Woods
Cursed Woods
Cursed Woods
Time Period 600 AD
Notable Inhabitants Frog

Cursed Woods (お化けカエルの森 Frog Monster's Woods?) is a forest in Chrono Trigger that appears in the Middle Ages, northwest of Porre. It is populated by Edible Frogs, Fangtooths, and a single Nu. Frog resides in a hidden grotto deep in the forest. The Broken Hilt of the Masamune is found here.


Confronting FrogEdit

After the team finds the Broken Blade of the Masamune (weapon), they confront Frog about his history in these woods, bringing up the death of his friend Cyrus. Looking around his home, they find the Broken Hilt of the blade, leading them to Melchior, the forger of the sword.

After reforging the legendary weapon, the team returns to the Cursed Woods to recruit Frog for the assault on Fiendlord's Keep.


Musical ThemeEdit

Music Title Music Track
Cursed Woods
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