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Dalton is a character in Chrono Trigger that appears in Antiquity. He is a minor antagonist for Chrono Trigger. He is also Queen Zeal's assistant until the arrival of The Prophet. Dalton, like the Queen, has malicious intentions for harnessing the power of Lavos. Both seek immeasurable power, though the Queen seems to be manipulated by Lavos to ensure its own incarnation. One Zeal Citizen says Dalton has been in a foul mood these days and advises to avoid him.

Physical Appearance

Dalton wears an orange cape and a blue tunic with matching boots and bracers. He has long, wavy hair a shade lighter than his cape. An eyepatch covers his right eye.


Arriving at Zeal

He was first seen by the party, at the Blackbird (outside), and asked the Daltonites if the Blackbird is fully working, and the Guards would say "She is fully operational, Lord Dalton." But then Dalton called them idiots, and if the Blackbird wasn't working, they'd all be in trouble. Dalton looks at Crono's clothes, then says, they might be the Queen's opponents. The Prophet confirms. Dalton proceeds to say he'll keep an eye on them, before taunting Crono and the gang.

Return to Zeal

The party encounters Dalton yet again after retrieving Epoch from the Future and rescuing Melchior from Mountain of Woe. He enters Algetty to take Schala to her mother. The players follow them to Zeal Palace, where he guards the Throne while the Queen and her children travel to Ocean Palace, and is very upset about it. Battling Dalton's Golems, the party teleports through a time Gate to the undersea castle. When Mammon Machine destroys the sky-islands and Crono is killed by Lavos, the remaining party members arrive in Last Village. Traveling to the Last Village Commons, Dalton arrives on the scene with several minions to declare himself as King and appropriate the Epoch. Pummeling the party with flame explosives, they are knocked unconscious and imprisoned on the Blackbird. After they escaped, Dalton sends his minions to destroy them. defeating the minions' results in the party reclaiming the Epoch.

Fall of Guardia

The Fall of Guardia, first depicted in an FMV in the PlayStation version of Chrono Trigger, was most likely caused by Dalton himself (as revealed in the DS release). After beating him as Once-King Dalton, he says "I'll raise the greatest army the world has ever seen in Porre, and use it to wipe your pitiful little kingdom off the map!"


  • Sometimes when Dalton himself doesn't want to fight, he summons an enemy called the Golem.
  • Dalton is one of the few characters to break the fourth wall when he yells "Stop the music!" before riding the modified Epoch for the first time. The music changes from "Chrono Trigger" to "Critical Moment", to Dalton's satisfaction. He also says "We have lift-off Houston!" shortly before taking off in the Epoch, referring to the NASA space center in Houston, TX.

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