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Dark Bomb is the first Tech learned by Magus, and the first single Shadow magic in Chrono Trigger. This technique consists of creating a magical bomb that explodes within a group of enemies, dealing Shadow elemental damage.

Its power is quite superior to the other single elemental techniques such as Fire II, Ice II and Lightning II, but it cannot damage all enemies in battle.


Magus begins to perform his spell, and a dark spheres appear around him. Then a black bomb explodes around the enemies.

Enemy Tech[]

Magus uses this technique in his first boss battle, when attacked by choosing Shadow as his weakness, as well as being used by Spekkio in his fifth form. In the Black Omen, the Lavos Spawn boss can also use Dark Bomb. It is later used by Lavos when he copies Magus' attack mode, including how to choose his weakness when attacked.

In the Nintendo DS and Steam versions, the Hercules Beetle can also use Dark Bomb, though it is weaker compared to Magus and Spekkio.


  1. It is the first technique learned by Magus, considering that Lightning II, Fire II and Ice II are available from the beginning when Magus joins the player's party, in addition to these techniques being also learned by Crono, Lucca and Marle as the sixth technique to be learned.
  2. It is the first Single Shadow Tech to be seen in the game, as the technique is used when the Magus switches barriers, choosing Shadow as his weakness.


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