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CC Dash&Slash.png
Dash&Slash from Chrono Cross
Color White (Serge)
Black (Lynx)
Target One enemy
User Serge
Description A physical attack to one target.

Dash&Slash is a tech used in Chrono Cross. It is learned by Serge at the 3-star mark. Serge quickly slides forward and slices through the enemy, doing damage. When paired with Glenn's Dash&Gash, it can create the dual tech X-Strike. The dual tech X-Strike is a reference to Crono's and Frog's (whose namesake is given to Glenn) own dual tech, X-Strike.

When in battle as Lynx the first time (at Fort Dragonia) against Serge, Kid, and while lynx is your third party member. He doesn't have the GlideHook Tech Skill. Instead, he comes with Dash&Slash.

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