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DeadHead is an enemy appearing in Chrono Cross. It is fought on the S.S. Invincible as a boss and later as a normal enemy in The Isle of the Damned.


The DeadHead is a medium-large floating bulbous entity that floats as if swimming. It has dark black and blue skin, and a bright blue gaping mouth with rounded edges, and yellow eyes. It is composed of 5 DeadBeats combined.

Battle and Strategy[]

S.S. Invincible[]

Constructed of several Dead Beat, this creature assaults Serge and his while attempting to steer the S.S. Invincible away from the Ghost Ship, so Fargo and his pirates can battle the other undead infantry on the ship's deck. Among its move-sets are Diminish, Death'sOdor, and Dark Breath. Immediately after engaging in battle, several Dead Beat jump atop each other and morph into the DeadHead, and the newly created monster casts Diminish, weaking White Elements. Periodically, DeadHead will cast Death'sOdor, which has a low hit rate but can cause negative Status Effects. Usually, it will only cast this technique once per battle, unless the Status Effect is cured using consumable elements. Dark Breath targets one party member and does a small amount of damage. Additionally, DeadHead's physical attacks are also relatively weak, but it will attack several times in succession. To easily defeat the creature, use characters that deal high physical damage, such as Serge, Kid, or Glenn. Sprinkle these attacks with White Techs, such as Dash&Slash, whenever possible. White elements will be weakened by diminish but still do decent amounts of damage for physically weak characters such as Luccia. Keep the party healed when their Hit Points run low, and the battle should run smoothly.

Isle of the Damned[]


Name Origin[]

While head typically refers to the location of the brain in mammalian and insectoid creatures, it also refers to a leader, such as "head of the household". Its use here falls under the second category in that it is the leader of the undead legions that board the S.S. Invincible from the infamous Ghost Ship.


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