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Death Peak
Death Peak.png
Death Peak
Time Period 2300 AD
Notable Inhabitants Crono
Poyozo Doll
Bosses Fought Lavos Spawn (x3)

Death Peak is a location in Chrono Trigger. It appears as a mountain in 2300 AD near Keeper's Dome and Abandoned Sewers. The latter of which is the only way to access Death Peak without Epoch. This is where Lavos' Spawn reside.


The ascent to the top requires navigation through several snowy caves and slopes, until the Doppel Doll has been obtained and after the The Guru of Reason has sent his Poyozo Dolls to aid in scaling the mountain. Otherwise, a large gust of wind will knock the party right back down. The purpose of traversing the treacherous mountain is to revive Crono. The peak may have been formed by the upward flows of magma that came with Lavos's eruption. Crono's party had to ascend Death Peak in order to use the Chrono Trigger to revive him; they were met with a solar eclipse and the shattering of the Time Egg, sending them to the Ocean Palace -- a frozen slice of time--where Schala, Zeal, Janus, Crono and the others were petrified before being consumed by Lavos. Crono is replaced with the Doppel Doll and revived. This led to a heartwarming scene of friendship atop the peak, as the stunned Crono looked around to find his friends. The eclipse passed, leading to sunlight flowing over pale clouds. Rainbow-colored lights gloss the frost-tipped tree atop the summit, then the party is transported to the End of Time. From here, they can decide to confront Lavos once and for all, or adventure through time correcting miscellaneous disasters nonessential to the story.