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Denadoro Mountains (デナドロ山 "Denadoro Yama"?) is a location in Chrono Trigger. It appears in the year 600 AD east of Dorino and north of Porre. Split by a river and many gorgeous waterfalls, the terrain here is partly rocky precipice and partly submerged in the forest. To fully scale the mountain, many crisscrossing paths must be adventured. A scenic skyline can be viewed near the mountain's peak.


Chrono Trigger[]

At the request of Queen Leene, Cyrus and Glenn travel to the Denadoro Mountains in search of the Masamune sometime before the events of the Middle Ages. Finding the cave in the mountain where the sword is hidden, Cyrus and his squire are intercepted by Magus and Ozzie, who are also searching for the relic. A brief battle unfolds in which Cryus is slain and the Masamune is broken. Magus then taunts Glenn into avenging his now-dead friend, but Glenn fearfully attempts to flee. Moving only a few inches, the wizard strikes him down with a powerful spell that drops him into the canyon below and transforms him into a frog. As Glenn falls, he drops the Hero's Badge, which is later recovered by Tata, a would-be knight.

Later, Crono and his friends scale the mountain in search of the Masamune, believing Magus to be responsible for Lavos's destruction of the Future. At the base of the mountain, they encounter Tata as he flees in terror from the monsters. Upon reaching the summit, Crono and his friends battle the guardians of the sword, Masa & Mune. After defeating them, they discover only a fragment of the sword remains stuck in the stone; after removing it, Masa & Mune transport them back down the mountain on the wind.

After descending victorious from the mountains, Crono can reclaim the Hero's Badge from Tata in his house in Porre; showing the badge to Frog in his home in the Cursed Woods allows Crono to find the other piece of the Masamune. The hilt reveals that Melchior is the sword's creator, prompting Crono to meet with him for instruction on repairing it.

Chrono Cross[]

Garai and Radius locate the Masamune here presumably in 1005 A.D., and Radius slays Garai outside the cave. In the Chrono Cross ending A Career Change, Harle orders a cup of "Denadoro Mountain Blend," with two cream and ten sugar. Denadorite is also mined here to created powerful weapons sold abroad.


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