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Deverminator EX
Deverminator EX
Japanese Name Debugger Plus (デバッガープラス Debaggā Purasu?)
SNES / PS Name Debuggest
HP Defense Magic Defense
1024 127 50
452 8 450
Weak Absorbs Immune
Lightning None None
Location Geno Dome (Future)
Treasure Shield Sphere
Charm Elixir, Shield Sphere
Techs Stomp
Electric Shock
Laser Spin
Counters None
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Deverminator EX is an enemy that appears in Chrono Trigger. Fought in the Geno Dome during the Future, Deverminator EX appear as small quadrupedal robots with spider-like appendages. Their name is likely a pun of Exterminators inclination to shoot Rats with laser beams in Arris Dome. Interestingly, Deverminator EX also shares a similar sprite with Exterminator.