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Orcha dinnerguest.png
Orcha invites Hell's Cook to do battle.
Type Magic
Color Red
Allocation Level 7±7
Target One Opponent
User Orcha
Description Invites the cook to show his other face.

DinnerGuest is Orcha's seventh-level tech in Chrono Cross. In the village of Arni (Home World), Orcha's brother, Belcha, owns and cooks for a restaurant. Have Orcha rendezvous with Belcha and he learns this tech, which transforms him into his evil doppleganger, Hell's Cook.


Extending then crossing both of his Meat Cleavers, Orcha transforms into a gray-skinned, blank-eyed creature (known as Hell's Cook) and mocks slitting his throat. From the cieling, a round-spiked contraption slowly twists down and grinds the target. Coincidentally, this torture device is identical to the one present in Viper Manor, when the party rescues Riddel. Additionally, this same device appears in Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki, in that version of the manor in the Torture Room. No mention of Orcha is associated with the latter version of the device.

Name Origin[]

A dinner guest is exactly that, a guest that arrives for the sole purpose of eating dinner with the host. Typically used to describe pleasant encounters, this tech twists that idea and makes it hellish.

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