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Dino Tail
Chrono Trigger Dino Tail.png
Learned By Ayla
MP Cost 15
Element Type None
TP Req'd 800
Target Full screen.
Description A Dino Tail hits the entire screen for the difference of Ayla's max HP and her current HP.
Double Techs None
Triple Techs None

Dino Tail is Ayla's sixth tech in Chrono Trigger. This powerful technique summons a dinosaur's tail that attack all enemies on screen. It deals more damage the less HP Ayla has. It is a normal type, or non-magic move. It costs 15 MP. It can be compared to Frog's Frog Squash.

Name Origin[]

Ayla is from Prehistory, where dinosaurs are assumed to reside. This move, among others, is themed by Ayla's home era.