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Dinopolis ("ディノポリス" Dinoporisu?) is a location in Chrono Cross. It was a metropolis built by the Reptites in a timeline where Lavos never arrived and they became the dominant species of the planet, ultimately evolving into the Dragonians. Dinopolis housed the Dragon God.


As a result of the Time Crash, Dinopolis was pulled from its own timeline into the regular timeline's Antiquity, bringing the city and its Reptite civilization into contact with Chronopolis. A war between Dinopolis and Chronopolis soon ensued, which Dinopolis lost. The surviving Reptites were forced to abandon their ruined city, resettling in the El Nido archipelago where their society evolved into the Dragonians. The ruins of Dinopolis itself became known as Sky Dragon Isle, its ornate Reptite architecture becoming overgrown and obscured by plantlife.

The city's structure nevertheless remained within Sky Dragon Isle. After the defeat of FATE at the hands of Serge and his friends, Harle revealed herself to be the Dark Moon Dragon, the seventh of the Dragons who had been helping Serge up to this point. The Dragons had in fact only been using their allies all along so they could retrieve the Frozen Flame from FATE, and they promptly betrayed Serge, took the Frozen Flame for themselves, and all seven Dragons reamalgamated into their one true identity as the Dragon God. With this power, the Dragon God raised Another World's version of Sky Dragon Isle into the sky as a revived version of Dinopolis, now called Terra Tower.

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