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"Humans are, like, totally powerless, dude! With crafty knowledge we may extend our lives a fraction, but we just extend our suffering, too. But in reality, all we can do is leave ourselves in nature's hands and die the way nature intends us to... That is the awesome truth!? Gnarly!"
— Doc

Doc (ドク Doku?) is a character in Chrono Cross. He is an avid surfer and doctor in training who moved to Guldove to practice medicine.





In his past, tragedy struck someone close to him and he was unable to save the person; this prompted him to take up the study of healthcare and open his own clinic which was staffed by a Demi-human assistant. While in El Nido, Doc studied many treatments and developed an extensive knowledge of panaceas; he also maintained a focused dedication to his work, hoping that he would never lose another life. His past experience gave him a clear and sober view of death; his philosophy was that the promise of death allowed one to live strongly. In 1020 A.D., he was faced with Kid being poisoned by Lynx with Hydra venom. He made initial preparations, but could not complete her recovery as he required Hydra Humour. This caused several regrets to resurface, leading him to Orlha's bar where she admonished him to not give up. He soon received the humour he needed (depending on events, it was given to him by either Serge or Norris) and he was amazed by the existence of the different dimensions, and soon joined Serge's party to seek more knowledge.

After defeating the Time Devourer, Doc wishes Serge well, remembering him in his heart.

How to Recruit[]

Doc will join your party if you choose NOT to find the cure to Kid's poison. After Kid recovers, Doc can be recruited in Guldove. This must be done before entering Mount Pyre, or else she will have left already and Doc will not join your party.


  • Balanced Stats
  • Learns Supportive Tech


  • Few Element Slots

Tech Skills[]

  • HighFive - 3 Stars
  • Gnarly - 19 Stars
  • HangTen - Show Doc the Medical Book item from the Dead Sea in Home World.


Doc is slang for Doctor, the occupation of this character.


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