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Poshul doggydunnit.png
Poshul uses DoggyDunnit
Color Yellow
Allocation Level 5±5
Target All Opponents
User Poshul
Description Kick up the dirty stuff from pooch's sand box.

DoggyDunnit is a Yellow tech used in Chrono Cross. After acquiring 15 boss stars, Poshul adapts her canine wiles to produce large amounts of energy and attack all opponents on the battle field.


Hopping up on her hind-legs, Poshul spins in a circle several times, building up a cyclone of yellow energy. Harnessing it into a ball, she pushes it toward the enemies on screen. The ball widens into a three-dimensional oval and flattens the enemies as a steamroller or rolling-pin might.

Name Origin[]

Since Poshul is a dog, the word "doggy" in the title is appropriate. However, conjuring balls of energy to attack creatures does not appear to be appropriate behavior for a dog, as the end of the name implies, with dun it. Alternatively, "Doggy Done It" is a product created by a company as a gag gift. The product is a pile of plastic canine feces. The latter most closely matches the description of the tech presented in game.