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Karsh dragonrider.png Zoah dragonrider.png
Type Physical
Color Green or Yellow
Allocation Level 3±3
Target Single Opponent
User Karsh or Zoah
Description Jump on your dragon to make a charge attack.

DragonRider is a tech used in Chrono Cross. After acquiring 3 boss stars, Karsh and Zoah both learn to apply their skills as dragoons to land an effective charge assault on a single opponent. For Karsh, the tech is Green, matching his innate. For Zoah, the tech is Yellow, matching his.



Calling a wingless dragon to the battlefield, Karsh jumps into the saddle and rides the reptile over toward a selected target, pounces off, and slashes them with his weapon.


Also calling a wingless dragon to the battlefield, Zoah mounts the reptile as one might mount a surfboard and proceeds to ride to over toward the enemy, where he jumps off and bodyslams the target, stirring up a swirl of yellow energy.

Name Origin[]

Doubtless because Zoah and Karsh are Acacia Dragoons, they use their dragon-handling abilities to call on these mountable reptiles in times of need.