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Dragon Tear
Chrono Cross FMV2.png
The Dragon Tear on General Viper's Desk.
Equipment Type Key Item
Description A legendary treasure that enables its possessor to switch bodies with someone else.

Dragon Tear is a Key Item in Chrono Cross. Crafted by Dragonians prior to the Antiquity era, it later fell into the hands of mortals. Said to allow its possessor to switch bodies with another person or being, the Dragon Tear was given to Chief Direa in Guldove as a gift and was believed to unlock the mysteries at Fort Dragonia. Prior to the dimension split in the year 1020 AD, the sacred artifact was stolen from the Chief by Orcha, under the command of General Viper and brought to Viper Manor for safekeeping. Viper sought the Tear to aid in the invasion of Porre, however Lynx, his consort, desired the gem so he could exchange bodies with Serge.

Kid and Serge glimpse the holy relic while investigating Viper Manor in search of the Frozen Flame, but after Kid's poisoning, the relic disappears from the estate.

Although not as mystical to some as the Frozen Flame, the Dragon Tear is still considered a sacred treasure to the citizens of El Nido. By combining the Tear of Love and the Tear of Hate, this relic is reconstructed and somehow has the power to awaken the Chrono Cross.

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