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Dwarf Chieftain is a character in Chrono Cross. Of the Dwarves that inhabit Hydra Marshes, he is their well-respected leader and military commander. Principally, he coordinates the battle movements and advances of his tribe and likely oversees the construction of buildings as well.


As with other Dwarves of his ilk, he is short and stout. Wearing a huge helmet and wielding a shovel as a weapon, the Chieftan also sports an uncharacteristically warty nose, an indicator of his age in contrast to the other dwarves. The Dwarf Chieftan's helmet is red with a feather sticking out of it, and his nose is also red, as though he has been sneezing or drinking alcohol.


Dwarf Chieftan CC

Dwarf Chieftain's Conversation Portrait.

Searching the Marshes for Hydra Humour, Serge and his friends encounter the Dwarf Chieftain, who alongside two Daffy Dwarves and three Daggy Dwarves, forbids them from slaying their beloved Hydra to acquire the remedy.

After the death of the Hydra (whether by Serge's hands or another's), he sailed to Water Dragon Isle to ransack the fairy village there. It was the Dwarf Chieftain who planned to kidnap Razzly's sister, Rosetta, bring her underground, and beat her due to an unexplained prejudice against the winged "fairy" species of Demi-human. When Serge arrived there, the Chieftain ridiculed him and forced them into battles, eventually resorting to the Hi Ho Tank in a last-ditch attempt to prevent the human incursion and to reap vengeance for the death of the Hydra. Had Razzly been saved from the Pentapus and present during the battle, she informs the Chieftain that within the Hydra's womb, babies still resided, ready to be born and can replenish the endangered species. To atone the brutal invasion of Water Dragon Isle, Razzly suggests they tend to the baby Hydras in the Marshes, to which the dwarves eagerly accept.

Alternatively, if Razzly was not recruited into the party or was not at the Hydra battle, the Dwarf Chieftain dies after the final battle with Serge.

In Another World, the Chieftain is long gone, as the Hydra Marshes were long ago deprived of their last Hydra. The Chieftain may be the Dwarf in Orlha's Bar in Guldove who gives Serge the Green Tinkler. In all probability, he perished while defending the Hydra years earlier.

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