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The Einlanzer is a holy sword forged by the Dragonians in Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki.


Chrono Cross[]

Its origins are unclear; presumably, after the Dragonians became extinct, the Acacia Dragoons acquired the sword and their strongest warriors wielded it. At the time of the mightiest fighter's death or retirement, the sword would be passed down to his son or the next in line. The sword was held to have sacred power. It was held by the 13th Grandmaster and bearer Garai until around 1005 A.D., when Radius killed him due to the evil Masamune's influence. The sword was then unused until 1016 A.D. when Dario officially succeeded his father and acquired the right to use the sword in battle. He would only have it for a year before succumbing to the Isle of the Damned. The Einlanzer was left there in Home World, but taken back to Termina in Another World, where it was placed near Dario and Garai's formal grave at the cemetery, where it was regularly visited by Glenn and Riddel. After Serge set out on his quest and eventually decided to go to the Dead Sea, he found that the Masamune's evil aura was blocking the way; Radius noted that the only way to dispel its power was with the holy Einlanzer. Serge attempted to retrieve it from the Isle of the Damned, but had to fight Garai for it; he yielded in defeat. It successfully dispelled the evil power of the Masamune thereafter and was wielded by Glenn for the remainder of Serge's journey. The Einlanzer in Another World was soon obtained by Glenn as well, who learned how to put both swords to lethal use in combat.

  • Found At (Home World): The grave of Garai on the Isle of the Damned.
  • Found At (Another World): Take Glenn to the grave of Dario at the shrine of Termina.
  • Use: Home World Einlanzer allows you to enter the Dead Sea. Both can be equipped to Glenn as weapons.

Why the Einlanzer is special or sacred is unknown; it may perhaps be imbued with Elemental power given by the Dragonians during the time of its forging.

Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki[]

Speaking with Riddel in her room, Kid, Serge, and Gil learn that Einlanzer is hidden somewhere within Viper Manor. They need to commandeer the ancient sword to halt the spiked ceiling in the Torture Room. Finding it within the Gear Room, Serge carries the sword up the stairs and into the Torture Room. Again, the spiked-ceiling falls. Slamming Einlanzer into the cracks in the floor causes a fountain of light to rise up and stop the ceiling. The sword is then discarded. When the sword is initially located by Kid, upon the Torture Room's first visit, she says she could sell the sword to the right buyer. Gil informs her that the sword is next-to useless and is far too dated to be worth anything. Plus, it weighs a ton. She leaves it in the room until Riddel is visited in the labyrinthine tunnels below the Manor.

Name Origin[]

"Einlanzer" is rooted in German- "Ein" meaning "a", and "lanze" meaning "lance." German is the root of early English, where a majority of known stories of knights and holy swords comes from