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The End of Time (時の最果て "Toki no Saihate"?) is a unique location in the world of Chrono Trigger. It is a keystone in the timeline of the world, and a home base for the characters as they progress through the story.


The End of Time was, initially, devoid of life and substance. However, due to the influence of Lavos, a single entity became stranded there. This individual, Gaspar, one of the Gurus from Zeal, built a small home there. His realm consists of a single lamp-lit courtyard (complete with a Save Point and an HP/MP recharge node), a dock (presumably to accommodate the eventual arrival of the Epoch), a second gated courtyard where Spekkio resides, and, connected by a bridge, a staging area where nearly all the portals throughout time transect. Each portal takes the form of a pillar of light. Though the means through which Gaspar created these structures is unknown, it is fair to assume that, like the other Gurus, Gaspar has both magical and technological expertise at his disposal.

Once Crono and his friends first arrive at the End of Time when he, Lucca, Marle, and Robo all enter the Proto Dome Time Gate in 2300 AD. As Gaspar later explains, Gates overload when four or more individuals enter them simultaneously; thus, the travelers always exit the timestream at the End of Time. Gaspar himself landed there when Lavos awakened due to the actions of Queen Zeal. Because of this quirk in time-travel, no more than three party members can leave at a time. Individuals not currently traveling with Crono remain safely at the End of Time, ready to join the main party.

It is unknown at what point Spekkio arrived, though he and Gaspar seem to have a friendly relationship, with Gaspar sending Crono and the party to see Spekkio after their initial arrival. It is here, and through Spekkio, that the party learns magical abilities. They also learn their first and second techs if they did not know those techs already.

Theoretically, the End of Time exists at both ends of the timeline, existing in a space outside of the traditional flow of time in the keystone eras. It is also fundamentally connected to every keystone timeline in the game. In addition to the Epoch dock and the pillars of light, there is also a time gate to the exact moment of Lavos' attack in 1999 AD. hidden in a trash bin in the main courtyard.

After their first visit to the End of Time, the party will be able to treat the location as a home base for their adventure. Portals that the party enters will lead them to the End of Time, where they can either choose to continue on to the portal's original destination or instead re-direct themselves to different time eras. Gaspar remains at the End of Time, offering advice and assistance throughout the game. Once acquired, the Epoch can dock there, and, after certain events towards the end of the game, the End of Time becomes a 'quest hub', with each party member giving clues pertaining to optional sidequests that can be completed before the final confrontation with Lavos.


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