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Eternal Darkness (also known as Dark Eternal in the SNES/PS version) is a Triple Tech that is used by Lucca, Marle, and Magus in Chrono Trigger. It's learned once they learn Fire II, Ice II, and Dark Matter respectively. Deals immense Shadow damage to all targets.

While probably intended to be the most powerful of the special Triple Techs, it suffers in action economy compared to a combination of Dark Matter and Antipode Bomb III with the same party, and is to no small degree overshadowed by Omega Flare among the special Triple Techs.


It is recommended to equip the Magus with the Golden Stud, as this accessory greatly reduces the Dark Matter's required MP. This increases the number of uses of this Tech, and helps to save Ethers and Elixirs. If the player wants to increase the damage, simply equip Magus with the Sunglasses or the Prism Spectacles, which increase the power of Dark Matter (one of the required Techs of Eternal Darkness).

It is also recommended to use this Tech on enemies or bosses that are very weak to the Shadow element, and equip Marle with accessories that increase her Magic or using Magic Capsules, to increase the power of this Tech, since her magic is lower than that of Magus and Lucca.

In the DS and Steam versions, the power of Eternal Darkness can be greatly enhanced if the player equips Magus with the Master's Crown and Prism Spectacles, Lucca with Prism Spectacles, and Marle with the Black Gemstone, along with a quite high level (60 or higher). This combination will make this Tech deal damage around 7500 to 9999, especially to bosses like Alabaster Shade. since is very weak to Shadow element.

However, because Fire II and Ice II have the same magical power, the player can choose between Lucca and Marle to equip the Prism Spectacles and the Black Gemstone, though both can equip the Reptite Dress, which increases the Magic of both by 10 points temporarily, further increasing the power of Eternal Darkness. It is also recommended to equip Prismatic Helm and/or Angel's Tiara, to protect them from any negative status.


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