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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

Fiendish Folk (also known as The Village of Magic in the SNES/PS version) is the ninth chapter of Chrono Trigger.


As Crono, and the other two party members (Marle, Lucca, and/or Robo). Arrive in a Blue Imp's, and a Mud Imp's house, in Medina Village. Tour around the village, see also some Green Imps, Underlings, Diablos, and the Mayor of the Village, Ozzie VIII. If you want to rest, the Underling won't let you, unless you fight them. If you want to buy something at the Market, you need to fight an Underling, and a Gaoler. Also, in the Forest Ruins, there is some Pyramid shaped energy thing (be sure to get the Treasure chest as well). In Medina Square, there are some Fiends worshiping Magus. Time to leave the Village. Around the Island, you'll see Melchior's Cabin.

Please Note: You've met Melchior at Leene's Square at the beginning of the game, you can buy more stuff from him. Note, that Melchior won't be at Leene's Square when you get back to Truce.

To get back to Truce, Crono, and the other party members must head to Heckran Cave, to fight some Underlings, Cave Stalkers, Djinn Bottles, Rhino Weevils, Boundillos, and Cave Bats.

useful Tip: Every enemy in Heckran Cave, is weak against Magic, it is best to have Lucca, and Marle in your party.

Once the party heads to the Area that holds the Keeper in the cave, Heckran, only harmed against magic. When there is something that says, "Go ahead! Try and attack!", don't attack until it says, "Counterattack disengage". Once Heckran is beaten, it'll say, "If Magus summoned Lavos in the Middle Ages, the world would belong to us Fiends." Your new mission is to go to the Middle Ages and find Magus. Head toward the Fairgrounds, and go to Lucca's Telepod.

Please Note: You can go to Guardia Forest and use the Time Gate to for Bangor Dome, at the End of Time, it'll give you an entrance to both places.

Please Note: You can do the same thing with the Time Gate near the Telepod that leads to the Middle Ages. In fact, you have to! But just remember that going back into the Time Gate takes you to the End of Time.

Please Note: You can introduce Lucca and Robo to Crono's Mother.

useful Tip: If you go to Lucca's House, Taban would offer Lucca the Taban Vest (which is armor exclusively worn by Lucca ).
useful Tip: If you rescued Fritz in The Trial mission, he and Elaine will thank Crono for rescuing him, and Fritz will offer 10x Mid-Ethers.

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