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Fiona's Forest
Fiona's Forest.png
Party camps in Fiona's Forest
Time Period Middle Ages
Chapter(s) Played In The Sunken Desert

Fiona's Forest is a location in Chrono Trigger. It is located south of Denadoro Mountains.


The forest near Fiona's Villa is dying and Fiona desperately wants to save it. Sadly, her efforts appear to have failed, as in the Present the forest has been claimed by the desert. To revive the forest the player must defeat the monsters in the Sunken Desert near Fiona's Villa, which only appears after the player convinces the Zeal Plant Woman to plant her seed. After defeating Melphyx in the Sunken Desert Robo will offer to stay with Fiona and help her restore the forest. From this point on Robo can be seen on the overworld performing various tasks near Fiona's Villa in 600 A.D. for the rest of the game.

After these events the corresponding desert area in 1000 A.D. will be a thick and thriving forest. Fiona's Shrine is found in the heart of the forest and the party will find an inactive Robo enshrined within. After Lucca reactivates him the party spends the night in the forest and discusses the Entity. After everyone falls asleep, Lucca awakens and finds a red Gate that takes her back to the day of her mother's crippling accident with Taban's machine. Lucca realizes she has a unique opportunity to change her past and rushes to the machine. Whether or not Lara's fate is changed Lucca is taken back to the present, where Robo presents her with the green dream, which he made by compressing sap from Fiona's Forest within himself for centuries.