Fiona's Shrine
Fiona's Shrine
Fiona's Shrine
Time Period Present
Notable Inhabitants Robo
Chapter(s) Played In The Sunken Desert
"For you, it was a quick hop, but for me, 400 long years have passed. [...] Now, let us celebrate our 400th year reunion."

Inside Fiona's Shrine, after the player gets Robo back.

Fiona's Shrine (フィオナ神殿 Fiona Shinden) is a location in Chrono Trigger. It appears in the Present after Crono helps Fiona restore the forest near her villa in the Middle Ages. Lined with blue carpets and pews, this shrine is filled with admirers of the newly restored forest. A Nun to the left of the main aisle sells valuable items, including the rare Vigilant's Hat.

When the party first enters it, they encounter Robo sitting at the shrine, completely rusted and deactivated. Lucca proceeds to fix him, and later, they spend the night at the now vivid forest to celebrate their reunion. Returning to the shrine after Robo is removed from it, the player notices that the Seed, passed down through the generations by the Zeal Plant Woman, now sits on the altar.

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