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This article is about the tech. For other uses, see Fire (Disambiguation).

Fire IconFire is the type of magic used by Lucca.


When meeting Spekkio for the first time, he will explain that there are four types of magic: Fire, Water, Light, and Shadow. Crono's party has magic in them, which allows Spekkio to grant them magic. Crono (Light), Marle (Ice), Lucca (Fire), Frog (Water), and Magus (Shadow) can all learn magic, while Robo and Ayla cannot, due to Robo not being a life form and Ayla existing before magic was created.

Fire Techs[]

There are six Techs that Lucca can learn that are Fire-based.

Tech MP TP Target Description
Flamethrower 1 10 Line of enemies. Burn enemies along a direct line.
Fire 2 N/A One enemy Attack an enemy with fire.
Napalm 4 150 Enemy circle Bomb enemies within a circle.
Fire II 8 400 All enemies Attack all enemies with fire.
Megaton Bomb 15 600 Enemy circle Blast enemies within a circle.
Flare 20 900 All enemies Attack all enemies with intense fire.

There is one Tech that Robo can learn that is fire-based.

Tech MP TP Target Description
Proximity Bomb 14 800 Enemies close to Robo Blast surrounding enemies.

There is one Tech that Magus knows that is fire-based.

Tech MP TP Target Description
Fire II 8 N/A All enemies Attack all enemies with fire.

The following Double Techs cause fire-based damage.

Tech (SNES / PS Name) Characters Techs Required (MP Cost) Target Description
Fire Whirl Crono + Lucca Cyclone (2), Flamethrower (1) Circle of enemies Attack all enemies in circle with fire.
Fire Sword Crono + Lucca Cleave (4), Fire (2) One enemy Strike a foe with an enchanted blade.
Fire Sword II Crono + Lucca Frenzy (12), Fire II (8) All enemies Hit all foes in circle with spellblade.
Fire Punch Lucca + Robo Fire (2), Rocket Punch (1) Circle of enemies Burn foes in circle with fiery punch.
Fire Tackle Lucca + Robo Fire II (8), Robo Tackle (4) One enemy Attack enemy with flames.
Double Bomb Lucca + Robo Megaton Bomb (15), Proximity Bomb (14) Enemies near Robo Blast enemies around Robo.
Flame Kick Lucca + Ayla Fire (2), Roundillo Kick (2) One enemy Strike an enemy with a fiery kick.
Inferno (Fire Whirl) Lucca + Ayla Fire II (8), Tail Spin (10) All enemies Engulf enemies in whirling flame.
Blaze Kick Lucca + Ayla Fire II (8), Triple Kick (20) One enemy Strike an enemy with a fiery triple kick.
Red Needle (Red Pin) Frog + Lucca Fire (2), Aerial Strike (4) One enemy Impale an enemy with a fiery blade.
Line Bomb Frog + Lucca Megaton Bomb (15), Aerial Strike (4) Line of enemies Bomb enemies along a horizontal line.
Frog Flare Frog + Lucca Flare (20), Frog Squash (15) All enemies Hit all foes with two mighty techs.

The following Triple Techs cause fire-based damage.

Tech (SNES / PS Name) Characters Techs Required (MP Cost) Target Description
Ring of Fire (Fire Zone) Crono + Lucca + Robo Cleave (4), Fire II (8), Laser Spin (3) Enemies near Robo Spin Crono through enemies.
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