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The Fire Dragon is a boss fought twice in Chrono Cross. He currently resides along with his large dragon counterpart at Mount Pyre in Another World. It is originally encountered on the way to Fort Dragonia. Later, it is fought to get the Red Relic. The first form of the Fire Dragon is a humanoid lizard, approximately one quarter the size of its larger counterpart. On its back, it sports wings, as with any dragon of lore. Uncharacteristic of dragons, however, this dragon speaks coherent English (or the basic language of Chrono Cross) and wields a spear. His second form is his true form as a powerful red humanoid dragon after fusing between his miniature self and his large counterpart. Before fusing into Dragon God during the FMV cutscenes where he and the five Dragons were gathered, Fire Dragon's main appearance was his humanoid lizard form and the wings on his back are now seen where he can fly like the other five dragons. He was last seen along with Water Dragon, Earth Dragon, and the Black Dragon to be fused along with Green Dragon and Sky Dragon to become a Dragon God.

Boss Battle and Strategy[]

First Boss Battle: Mount Pyre[]

Scouring Mount Pyre in search of Lynx and the Acacia Dragoons at the request of Kid, Serge and his friends enter a large chamber within the volcano to see a Fire Dragon stuck in the rock floor. Before they can inspect the gigantic lizard or free it (whatever their aim), a miniature sized Fire Dragon jumps around the bridge toward them and challenges them to a battle. In the Boss battle, the Fire Dragon will cast Brimstone or FieryBreath, two potent Red Techs which deal serious damage even to Red Innates like Kid or Greco. Focus on dealing as much physical damage as possible; reserve the use of Blue Elements such as AquaBall and IceBlast (the most powerful by this point in the plot) until 2/3 of his health are depleted. In the meantime, focus Stamina levels on keeping the party members Hit Points at decent levels and healing any Status Effects, such as Burns, with Medicine or Elements.

Second Boss Battle: Mount Pyre[]

Go to Mount Pyre in Another World and go north then right then down the lava flow then follow the paths. Talk to the little red dragon and fight him. You can't steal the red plate from him in this form. after fighting the main form as a humanoid lizard he will change into his second form as a powerful red humanoid dragon; a fusion between his main form and his larger counterpart. In this form, he cast the more potent of FieryBreath called FireBreath to all of your party. Do not let the field turn red or he will use Inferno. Try to steal the red plate from him as it absorbs red elements on that person. Every blue element skill you use against him he will hit that character with a counter-attack for about 40 damage. If he manages to pull off Inferno use HealAll immediately. After winning you get Red Relic and Salamander summon element.

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  • When entering the lower section at the end of Mount Pyre after returning to Another World Mount Pyre to claim the dragon's Relic, you can refrain from talking to the Fire Dragon, leading to him wandering around the area. His movement completely ignores the invisible walls around the Salamander, allowing him to clip into it and become unreachable. This can be amended by leaving the room and returning.


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