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Flare is Lucca's 8th-level Tech and the most potent Fire Tech in Chrono Trigger.

Character Tech[]

When casted, Lucca spin to face the screen and several ovals of red light shuffle across the screen, followed by a series of yellow explosions that cause all targets to turn a molten-white color. Creatures exceptionally weak to flare are Red Scouters, while creatures such as Red Ghaj absorb Flare and convert it into Hit Points.

Enemy Tech[]

Final Form Spekkio performs this technique against Crono, Lucca and Ayla.
Used By Golem
Spekkio (final form)
Nu Guardian
Son of the Sun
Archaeofange (Elder)
Archaeofang (Younger)
Crimson Shade
Element Type Fire
Target All Characters
Description Attack all enemies with flare.

While the animation is similar to Lucca's tech, several more enemies cast this spell than Player Characters. The first time the party encounters this enemy tech is when fighting Golem in Zeal Palace. Secondly, Spekkio casts this spell in his final form, when the players attempt to win 10 Magic Capsules, Speed Capsules, and Strength Capsules. The guardian of the Sun Shrine, Son of the Sun casts Flare when several of its flames are attacked in the incorrect order.

Other beasts such as Archaeofang (Elder), Archaeofang (Younger), and Nu Guardian cast this spell in the Dimensional Vortex dungeons of Chrono Trigger (DS).

Since Lucca is a Fire-element, she receives half-damage from Flare. Outfitting her with Taban's Helm, Taban's Suit, Taban's Vest, or any combination of the three grants her additional resistance to Flare and all other fire techs. Alternatively, equipping any party member with Ruby Vest will increase resistance to Flare by 50%, while equipping Ruby Armor increases fire resistance by 75%, Flare included. Red Plates and Red Vests, when worn, will allow the wearer to absorb damage from Flare and convert it into Hit Points.

Name Origin[]

A flare is a fire or blaze of light used especially to signal, illuminate, or attract attention. A lens flare is an ocular phenomenon occurring when exposed to large quantities of excessively bright light. A solar flare is a cosmic phenomenon that occurs when the Sun spits jets of fire menacingly from its relatively stable surface storms.